We are a family of self-proclaimed foodies.  

We are each very meticulous, discriminating, and opinionated about what we eat, where we eat, and how we eat.

Some of us are more adventurous than others and have on many occasions feasted on fried crickets and embryonic duck eggs without hesitation and trepidation.  But those of us who stick with comfort foods, such as French Fries, can tell you where to go for the tastiest fries or for the crispiest ones.

We will also be very honest with you. You should know upfront that we are novices as bloggers, chefs, and critics. There will be times when we will be clueless, but like all things in life, especially cooking, we will just have to take our chances and roll with it and throw in extra cayenne when our instincts tell us the dish requires that extra tanginess. One thing is certain, through this blog, my young children and I are keen to share with you and your family some insights from our kitchen as well as our zany adventures around town and on the road, and we will have fun doing so.

We would love for you to follow our culinary journey and along the way, self-discoveries that will no doubt add spice to not only your palates, but also to your lives. 

With love,

Mommy (& Ai Vy, KNS, and LL) xo

Roll Forward, Always Forward