Photo Credit: Silje Glefjell Photography

Photo Credit: Silje Glefjell Photography


Dear Foodie,

I'm delighted to introduce my new gourmet food company, specializing in delicious, healthy, all-natural Vietnamese springrolls.  After years of encouragement from friends and relatives, I'm sharing with you, my fellow foodies, this revered tradition that goes back four generations in my family.

For me, these springrolls conjure up savory memories. Every time I bite into one of my homemade springrolls, I'm transported thirty-five years into the past to my mother's kitchen in New Orleans, to afternoons of making springrolls with Mom while we talked and laughed together. As I do today, back then my mother must have thought lovingly about her own mother each time she made and ate these delectable springrolls.

"Right flap!" "Left flap!" "Roll!" my mother would command as she guided my little hands through the process of making our springrolls. And she'd move on forward with her own hand, telling me, "Roll forward, always forward." I always thought this was her philosophy of life too: despite her tremendous losses, resulting from emigrating and leaving her family behind in Vietnam, my mother remained optimistic and always rolled forward.

But Mom left this world too soon; and when she did, the springrolls also disappeared from my life. Rolling forward for me required rolling backward into Vietnam to look for Mom's family at a time the country was closed to the world. With my backpack, following one adventure after the next, I eventually found myself sitting in my grandmother and great-grandmother's kitchen in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Together, we rolled springrolls again.

Years later, the springrolls I made following my family's recipe were a huge hit with all of my adult friends and a gigantic hit with my children and their friends. The kids couldn't get enough of them. My son, a very critical gourmand, could gobble up twenty springrolls in one sitting! 

Rolling forward, just as Mom instructed, I am now carrying on this family tradition with my daughter, Ai Vy, and her siblings. "Ai" means love in Vietnamese, and placed next to "Vy," Ai Vy means "someone who loves all, small and large." Hence, each of our hand-rolled springrolls is made not only of the finest ingredients but also of love and memories, small and large, that transcend time.

Leaving the family recipe essentially intact, I made a few small but important changes for today's health-conscious consumer. The result? Tasty, ready-to-eat, low-in-calories, clean-tasting Vietnamese springrolls that are packed with nutrients. Rather than take my word for it, I'd be so pleased if you tasted the springrolls yourself and let me know what you think.

If you like them, stay tuned for other products we are currently developing.....

Made with what-else-but-love,
Ngan x

Ai Vy Springrolls Founder

Roll Forward, Always Forward